Viborg, English

 Viborg Jyllands grønne hjerte - English

The film is about Viborg as it is seen in 2007. The film shows the city and surrounding in 46 minutes. The film contains speak about what You see, and music by Anker Buch. The speak is in danish.

The total income from sale of the film is shared between 2 charity funds. Viborg Menighedspleje helping needing families with money to spent a danish Christmas and Kirkens Korshær, who run a place, where people with no other places to go, can come and get a meal and a talk.

 If You have the film and don't understand danish, You have the possibility to send a mail to and ask for an english translation. In return You will receive a mail including a Word document with an english translation of the speak of the film. It gives You the oppurtunity to read the text and see the film and understand what it is all about.

On the 21st of January - after being sold for 2 month - we have sold 1.000 films. We call it a hit! The film is sold in Viborg only - and on this site. We are proud of this result - which give 80.000 Dkr. to the above mentioned charity funds.

A few days before selling for 3 month we have sold 1.100 films. That means we are still selling 2 - 3 film each day. Wonderfull! 

At April 1st we passed the amount of 100.000 Dkr. toi share between the two organisations.

Early August '08 we have sold 1.500 films! Wonderfull! And we can see the end of the project as we now expect all film to be sold this year. The remaining stock is now about 350 film.

Mid january '09 we may say that the market is fed up with this film. We have sold 1.625 in Viborg only and the Christmas time did not bring much sale. Thar means we have 130.000 kr. for the 2 charity funds.

By the New Year 2010 we shut down the project after selling 1.800 films, giving 144.000 DKroners to the charity funds.